Downloadable Forms

A4 Forms

A4 Agendas
A4 Contacts
A4 Next Actions
A4 Project Support
A4 Waiting For
A4 Someday/Maybe
A4 Projects List

A5 Forms

A5 Agendas
A5 Contacts
A5 Next Actions
A5 Project Next Actions
A5 Projects List
A5 Project Plan
A5 Someday/Maybe
A5 Waiting For

A5 Calendars

Calendar pages are available by quarters with new quarters being produced about a year in advance

A5 Calendar 2017 Quarter 1
A5 Calendar 2017 Quarter 2
A5 Calendar 2017 Quarter 3
A5 Calendar 2017 Quarter 4
A5 Calendar 2018 Quarter 1
A5 Calendar 2018 Quarter 2

3 by 5 Inch Index Cards

3×5 Agendas
3×5 Next Actions @context
3×5 Next Actions @Today
3×5 Next Actions @This Week
3×5 Next Actions @This Month
3×5 Notes
3×5 Projects List
3×5 Projects Next Actions
3×5 Someday/Maybe
3×5 Someday/Maybe Projects
3×5 Waiting For
3×5 Horizon 2
3×5 Horizon 3
3×5 Horizon 4
3×5 Horizon 5
3×5 Reference
3×5 Contacts
3×5 Calendar September 2016-December 2017
3×5 Calendar January 2018-August 2018

4 thoughts on “Downloadable Forms”

  1. Very nice, clean looking forms, Dave.

    Thank you for sharing them with everyone.

    Is there any chance of releasing them in other Filofax sizes such as Personal or Pocket?

    Also, any chance of getting the current 2015 calendar for Q2?

    Thank you.



    1. Mark

      Thank you for your kind comments. I have put the 2015 Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 A5 Calendars back up for you.

      I made A5 forms as a priority because that was what I was using at the time though now I am using 3×5 inch index cards.

      A couple of people have asked about Personal but no-one before about Pocket. Both would be quite a challenge because of not only the reduced size but different aspect. If I get enough requests I might consider it. The forms so far have been produced in Microsoft Word but the calendars are produced in Microsoft Excel. If you want to have a go at resizing them yourself then drop me an email and I’ll send them to you.


      1. David,

        Thank you for your reply, putting up the other 2015 Calendars, and offer to send me the forms to revise.

        Will email you about it…..


  2. Many thanks for your site! A planner friend of mine swears by GTD and sent me here to check things out. For an organizer like me, this is perfect! Very excited to see the 3×5 card idea. It works so well on the go!

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