Welcome to my new website that will pull together many ideas that I’ve had over the last two years since retiring from work as a Consulting Quality Manager.

Before retiring, the Parker Quality Consultants website carried my thoughts on quality management and the ISO 9000 family of standards. What I learned over 25 years as an independent consultant and 15 years before that as I moved from software support and software testing into quality management has not left me, and I still espouse many principles about organisations and the deleterious effects they have on most people and the products and services they produce.

While working as an independent consultant late in the 1980s I came across the work of David Allen and, finding many of his ideas about personal organisation and productivity chimed with my own, I followed with interest how the GTD™ that started with his first Getting Things Done™ book in 2001 has progressed. Over the subsequent years, I have met him twice and found him to be the most genuine and approachable guy that belies his impact in the world.

I eventually chose to share my, largely paper-based, implementation of his GTD™ methodology and still use his approach to guide my waking hours. You will find GTD™ related material here on this website under the GTD category.

Please note: GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company at http://www.gettingthingsdone.com and this website is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

My teenage years were in the Sixties, and I was, and still am, a Beatles fan. But in this revolutionary decade, along with many of my contemporaries, I also discovered “progressive music”, Eastern religion, Transcendental Meditation . . . and girls.

As The Beatles broke up, I followed them individually and their music, but The Moody Blues replaced them as my favourite band as I journeyed through the Seventies and onwards. To this day, Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues continues to express through his songs, my deepest thoughts and feelings.

I did, briefly, start to cover these aspects at another website, but that didn’t last long. But something I started back in 2009, to follow up fascination since the late Seventies with Sherlock Holmes, still has the largest following of all my digital endeavours – a website dedicated to the him “whom I shall ever regard as the best and wisest man whom I have ever known.” Not my words, but those of John H Watson MD, Sherlock Holmes faithful companion.

So now, while John H Watson MD will continue to exist as a separate website, I will consolidate all my remaining endeavours onto this one site.

That means some repetition but some new stuff as well, until, as they used to say in the cinemas of old, “this is where I came in”, and I have to take my leave of you. Meanwhile, I hope I can retain your interest.

In Burnley, where I was born, and now reside again, they used to say “Happen’so” (meaning “maybe”) when they weren’t sure about something.

“So, happen’ so that’ll turn out grand.”

David Robert Parker